Annual Conference Records

Conference OrderDataUniversityTopic in Plenary SessionJournal Volume
63rdJune 3-4, 2023Kanagawa UniversityGlobal Economic System in a Turbulent Geopolitical Environment 
62ndJune11-12, 2022Hakodate University (HyFlex)State Governance and Corporate Behavior: China and RussiaVol.60, No.1&2
61stJune 4-6, 2021Soka University (HyFlex)COVID-19 x Economic Crisis: A Comparative Economic Theory ApproachVol.59, No.1&2
60thNovember 28-29, 2020Seinan Gakuin University (online)The Uncertain Future of the Free Trade System: From the Perspective of Comparative Economic RegimesVol.58, No. 2& Vol.59, No.2
59thJune 22-23, 2019Hitotsubashi Auditorium, Hitotsubashi UniversityPopulist Politics and the European EconomyVol.57, No.1
58thJune 9-10, 2018Hokkaido UniversityComparison and Relations among Eurasian Regional PowersVol.56. No.1
57thSeptember 16-17, 2017Kansai University,Toward a World-Class Comparative EconomicsVol.55, No.1
14th (Autumn)November 12, 2016Osaka University of Economics and LawNone 
56thJune 4-5, 2016Hirosaki UniversityNational Economy and Globalizing Industrial Development: A Comparative Economic ApproachVol. 54, No. 2
55thNovember 7-8, 2015Nihon UniversityTectonic Shifts in the World EconomyVol. 53, No. 2
13th (Autumn)October 25, 2014Bunri University of HospitalityThe Ukraine Crisis and RussiaVol. 52, No. 2
54thJune 7-8, 2014Yamaguchi UniversityPolitical Economy in Russia, Central Asia, and China: On “State Capitalism (including Authoritarianism) “Vol. 52, No. 1
12th (Autumn)November 8, 2013Nihon University“National Progress and National Retrenchment’ in Asia” & “Migration and Labor in Transition Economies”Vol. 52, No. 1
53rdJune 1-2, 2013Niigata UniversityHistorical, Meta-Analytical, and Spatial Approaches to Comparative EconomicsVol. 51, No. 1 & 2
11th (Autumn)October 20, 2012Osaka UniversityMicroeconometric Analysis of the Chinese EconomyVol. 50, No. 2
52ndJune 2-3, 2012Teikyo UniversityExperiences of Socialism and Transition: Lessons for the FutureVol. 50, No. 1
10th (Autumn)October 8, 2011Hitotsubashi UniversityNone 
51stJune 4-5, 2011Kobe UniversityVarieties of Emerging Economies: Typologies of Non-developed EconomiesVol. 49, No. 2
9th (Autumn)October 16, 2010Sophia UniversityNone 
50thJune 5-6, 2010Osaka City UniversityEmerging Economies in the Global EconomyVol. 48, No. 1
8th (Autumn)October 24, 2009Ritsumeikan UniversityComparative Economic Analysis One Year after the Global Financial Crisis and RecessionsVol. 47, No. 2
49thJune 6-7, 2009Kokugakuin University“Economic Analysis of Dictatorships: Past and Present,” “Government-Business Relations in Transitional Economic Systems,” and “(Emergency Panel) The Global Financial Crisis and Transition Countries”Vol. 47, No. 1
7th (Autumn)October 18, 2008Yokohama National University“Brus and Kornai on Socialist Economic Regimes Theory: Retrospect, Evaluation, and Prospects,” and “Households and Poverty in Transition Economies”Vol. 46, No. 2
48thMay 31-June 1, 2008Takasaki City University of EconomicsDiverse Approaches to Regime ComparisonVol.46, No. 1
6th (Autumn)October 27, 2007Hosei UniversityIs the Transition Over?Vol.45, No. 2
47thJune 2-3, 2007University of ToyamaDevelopment and Environment in East AsiaVol. 45, No. 1
5th (Autumn)October 28, 2006Kobe UniversityNoneVol. 44, No. 2
46thOctober 28, 2006Hitotsubashi UniversityNew Horizons in Comparative Economics Studies: Theory and EvidenceVol. 44, No. 1
4th (Autumn)October 29, 2005Meiji UniversityNoneVol. 44, No. 1
45thJune 4-5, 2005J. F. Oberlin UniversityTypes of Market Economies: Developing and Transitional EconomiesVol. 43, No. 2
3rd (Autumn)November 27, 2004Surugadai Memorial Hall, Chuo UniversityNoneVol. 43, No. 1
44thJune 4-5, 2004Osaka University of EconomicsNoneVol. 42, No. 2
2nd (Autumn)November 1, 2003Center for Cultural Exchange, Osaka City UniversityNoneVol. 42, No. 1
43rdJune 6-7, 2003University of TokyoContemporary Transition Economies in Historical Perspectiveol. 41, No. 1 & Vol. 41, No. 2
1st (Autumn)November 16, 2002Nihon UniversityNoneNihon University
42ndJune 7-8, 2002Okayama UniversityIndustrial Structural Transformation in Transition CountriesVol. 40, No. 1 and Vol. 40, No. 2
41stJune 1-2, 2001Hokkaido UniversityTypes of Transition EconomiesVol. 39
40thJune 1-3, 2000Nagoya Gakuin University“Transitional Market Economies and the Introduction of Foreign Capital / Transitional Market Economies and Safety Nets”Vol. 38
39thJune 3-5, 1999Yokohama National UniversityInternational Economy, International Finance and Transition EconomiesVol. 37
38thJune 5-7, 1998Hokuriku UniversityThe Role of Government in Transition CountriesVol. 36
37thJune 5-7, 1997Asahikawa UniversityInternational Relations in Systemic TransformationVol. 35
36thMay 30-June 1, 1996Ritsumeikan UniversityState-Owned Enterprises Reform: Current Status and ChallengesVol. 34
35thJune 8-10, 1995Nihon UniversityComparative Political and Economic Analysis of China and RussiaVol. 33
34thMay 19-21, 1994Gifu Keizai University“Past and Future of Comparative Economic Regimes”, “Policy Change in the Process of Transition to a Market Economy”(Vol. 32
33rdMay 27-29, 1993Hokkaido UniversityThe Current Status and Prospects of Regime Transformation: A Comparative Analysis of the Former Soviet Union (Russia), Central and Eastern Europe, and ChinaVol. 31
32ndJune 5-7, 1992Kagawa UniversityThe Collapse of Soviet and East European Socialism: Roots, Present Situation, and ProspectsVol. 30
31stMay 17-18, 1991Chuo UniversitySystemic Transformation of Socialist EconomiesVol. 29
30thMay 18-19, 1990Seinan Gakuin UniversityThe Current Phase of Economic Reforms and the Search for a New SystemVol. 28
29thMay 20-21, 1989Fukushima UniversityA Multidimensional Analysis of Economic PerestroikaVol. 27
28thJune 24-25, 1988Okinawa International UniversityPerestroika and New Developments in Socialist Economic TheoryVol. 26
27thJune 5-6, 1987Chiba University of CommerceThe Current State of and Prospects for Contemporary SocialismVol. 25
26thJune 6-7, 1986Matsuyama University of CommerceGrowth and Equilibrium of Socialist Economies: Current Situation and Problems in Each CountryVol. 24
25thJune 8-9, 1985Tohoku UniversityThe Second Wave of Economic ReformsVol. 23
24thJune 8-9, 1984Osaka City UniversitySmall-Scale Production and Management Units in Socialist EconomiesVol. 22
23rdJune 11-12, 1983Waseda UniversityThe Possibility and Reality of Socialism: On the Occasion of the Centennial of Marx’s DeathVol. 21
22ndMay 22-23, 1982Yamaguchi UniversityInternational Economic Relations of Socialist Countries: In Relation to Domestic FactorsVol. 20
21stSeptember 27-28, 1981Hokkaido UniversityThe Role of Labor Unions in SocialismVol. 19
20thMay 31-June 1, 1980Kyoto UniversitySocialist Ownership and Planning in the Current StageVol. 18
19thJune 2-3, 1979Keio UniversityVarious Problems of Socialist Agro-industry at the Present Stage: The Case of China and the Soviet UnionVol. 17
18thMay 13-14, 1978Kochi UniversityPrices in a Socialist Economy: Theory, Institutions, and Current SituationVol. 16
17thJune 4-5, 1977Niigata University“Analysis of the Current Situation in Socialist CountriesVol. 15
16thMay 22-23, 1976Kansai UniversityProblems of Democracy in Socialist Economic ManagementVol. 14
15thJune 21-22, 1975Otaru University of CommerceEconomic Problems of COMECONVol. 13
14thMay 25-26, 1974Osaka University of EconomicsVarious Problems of Management and Labor under SocialismVol. 12
13thSeptember 22-23, 1973Meiji UniversityOn Socialist OwnershipVol. 11
12thNovember 14-15, 1972Kagawa UniversitySocialist Ownership and EnterpriseVol. 10
11thJune 5-6, 1971Yokohama Yakugyo Kaikan HallNoneVol. 9
10thJuly 13-14, 1970Aichi UniversityNoneVol. 9
9thNovember 10, 1969Ritsumeikan UniversityNoneVol. 8
8thOctober 7, 1968Meiji UniversityNoneVol. 8
7thOctober 26-27, 1967Hitotsubashi UniversityDistribution According to Labor and Material StimulusVol. 7
6thNovember 4, 1966Josui KaikanOn the New Socialist Planned Economic SystemVol. 6
5thNovember 12, 1965Osaka City UniversityNoneVol. 5
4thMay 7, 1965Rikkyo UniversityNoneVol. 4
3rdOctober 31, 1964Ritsumeikan UniversityNoneVol. 3
2ndMay 8, 1964Josui KaikanNoneVol. 2
1stNovember 14, 1963Osaka Labor HallOn Understanding the Theorem of Socialist EconomicsVol. 1
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